Ceanna Kosowan and Oliver

1180 lbs

Thank you Rage Oilfield, for purchasing my steer!

Hi my name is Ceanna Kosowan, I am 16 years old, this is my second year in 4H. My steers name is Oliver and he is a red Angus x. He won Reserve Grande Champion at our club’s achievement day. Oliver came home on October 25, 2020. Since then I have been feeding him twice a day, his feed currently consists of 22 pounds of 4H finisher and corn which is 70% barley, 14% oats and 16% corn. With corn added to the 4H finisher it will enhance the marbling and the flavor of the meat. I picked Oliver to be my steer this year because although he is short he has a good frame and thick hips. 

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Ceanna Kosowan Reserve Champion.jpg