Cheyanne Brett and Diesel

1335 lbs

Thank you Gerry's Well Services, for purchasing my steer!

My name is Cheyanne Brett, this is my 7 year in I am a part of Savanna 4-H multi club. 
I like spending my time with my cow’s but when I’m not with the cow’s I'm in my greenhouse. Last year I bought a greenhouse with my 4-H money. It was a great investment. This year I have a heifer project, Cow calf pair project and I have Diesel my 4-H steer. I purchased Diesel from mine and my Dads herd, He is a Simmental steer. Diesel weighed 890 at weigh in which was in November I would like his fishing weight to be 1430. He is eating 23 pounds of finishing ration, silage and hay. What I really like about diesel is that he is long and has a great personality. Hope to see you June 2, 2021

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