Clara Hotte and Houston

1230 lbs

Thank you Dirt Road Agronomy- Belinda DeSmet, for purchasing my steer!

My name is Clara Hotte. I am 14 years old and this is my sixth year in 4-H. This year I took a heifer and a steer for the second time, and I plan to do so in the future too. I enjoy being able to show and sell a steer, as well as raise and show a heifer that I can add to the herd and possibly keep as my own. It gives me extra clipping and grooming practice too! My steer's name is Houston. He is a purebred Hereford from Spring Mountain Stock Farm, run by my great-aunt and uncle. My heifer's name is Dallas, and she is a black Angus cross. My heifer and steer both trained quite well. My heifer had a little extra spunk to her that made her extra fun to work with and gave her a showy personality. My steer was that way a little, but he was also a bit more easy-going. I enjoyed working with them both! Besides working with my 4-H calves, I enjoy riding horses, knitting & crocheting, playing with my siblings, and all things farm! I am looking forward to a career in agriculture.

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