Steele Emerson and Big T

1325 lbs

Thank you BK Warren Farms- Bill Warren, for purchasing my steer!

Hello my name is Steele Emerson; I live in Eaglesham Alberta on a mixed grain and cattle farm. This is my first year in 4-H and I am eleven years old. My calf’s name is Big T, he is a charlois angus cross. Big T was fed rolled barley, silage, beat root and rumensin all year. I fed him twice a day every day, along with giving him straw for bedding and hauling water to his trough. Big T used to have a buddy calf but he died unfortunately a couple months ago. I’ve really enjoyed 4-H this year and cannot wait to continue learning about raising cattle with my beef projects. I have a great 4-H club and I am so thankful for all my club members. I hope you like my calf as much as I do thank-you!

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