Kelton Singer and Bronx
1200 lbs

Thank you Jason Lange, for purchasing my steer!

Hello my name is Kelton Singer and this my second year in 4-H and both years have been carcass steers. Carcass steers are judged on their hanging carcass, instead of on their live confirmation. My steer will be butchered at H&M Meats in Grande Prairie and judged there. The same judge does all the calves in Alberta. Last year my calf Bolt was very nice to work with and got me third in Alberta. This year my calf Bronx is also very good looking. He has a very large rump and straight top line. I am hoping that he is finished by take-in day. He leads well on his halter and likes being brushed. I have finished clipping him and you can really see his length in the video. 

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