Tuff Brett and Stripes

1325 lbs

Thank you Jesse Brett, for purchasing my steer!

Hi everyone, my name is Tuff Brett. I am 9 years old. Some of my hobbies are hockey, riding my horse,
and I love to ride my dirt bike. Until this year I was a cleaver in 4H Sheep. This year is my first year with a
beef project. I am a member of the Savanna 4H Multi-club and also in the Savanna Foods group. I was old enough this year to help with our 4H highway cleanup. It was a good learning experience. My steer this year is a Simmental that I picked from my mom and dad’s herd. He has a few cool markings and a stripe on his tail and this is why I named him Stripes. Stripes has not been very friendly and has challenged me. He has gotten a lot better the last few days with my dad helping me. Stripes weighted in at 894lbs when we did our weigh in. He loves his food!! In addition to his hay and silage I started him out on a grain ration from Keddies. At the start I gave him a starter ration and then moved him to a grower ration and he is now on a finisher ration of 23lbs.
Thank you for your time and hope you love my steer as much as I do.

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